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Events for 2nd Jan 2018

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Pantomime 2017: Beauty and the Beast

Date: 28th Nov 2017 - 6th Jan 2018

Every day

Location: Theatre

Panto Produced by The Brunton. Directed by Mark Cox, written by Mark Cox and David Goodall.

Beauty and the Beast

Prince Hamish of Musselburgh was the bestest, handsomest single man in all of East Lothian - and he knew it! He was kind, and a good friend to all, but he was very, VERY vain. He loveddddddd looking in the mirror. Any mirror. Then, when he refused a marriage proposal from the Sorcerer Mordina, she didn't take it very well… she cried for almost seven minutes, then cast a terribly dreadful spell on young Hamish: turning him into a horrifying beast. He and his trusted right-hand man Fraser would live forever, trapped in their castle (apart from regular visits to the vet). Trapped forever, the spell could only be broken by someone falling in love with Hamish - not as a man, but as the Beast he appeared to be. Would such a person exist? And who could ever love... A BEAST??


Peak performances £18.50 (£15.50), £66 family of 4

Off peak £16.50 (£13.50), £58 family of 4

Schools £8 ELC, £8.50 other

Group discount Buy 9 get 10th free, off peak only

Autism friendly performance: £12 per person


Peak performances

*Off peak performances

Times with strike through are sold out.

Monday 11 December                   10am* & 1.45pm*

Tuesday 12 December                  10am* & 1.45pm*

Wednesday 13 December             10am* & 1.45pm*

Thursday 14 December                 10am* 7pm*

Friday 15 December                      10am* & 7pm

Saturday 16 December                  2pm & 7pm

Sunday 17 December

Monday 18 December

Tuesday 19 December                  10am* & 7pm                   

Wednesday 20 December             10am* & 7pm

Thursday 21 December                 10am* & 7pm

Friday 22 December                      10am* & 7pm

Saturday 23 December                  2pm & 7pm

Sunday 24 December                    1pm & 5pm

Monday 25 December

Tuesday 26 December                                  

Wednesday 27 December             2pm & 7pm

Thursday 28 December                 2pm & 7pm

Friday 29 December                     1pm & 5pm

Saturday 30 December                 1pm & 7pm

Sunday 31 December                   1pm & 5pm

Monday 1 January                          

Tuesday 2 January                          

Wednesday 3 January                   2pm & 7pm

Thursday 4 January                      1pm & 5pm (Autism Friendly)

Friday 5 January                           1pm & 5pm       

Saturday 6 January                       1pm & 7pm (Audio Described)

BSL Interpreted: Fri 8 Dec 7pm

Audio Described: Sat 6 Jan 7pm, touch tour at 6pm led by audio describers, Judy Gilbert and Irene Mackenzie.

Autism Friendly: Thu 4 Jan 5pm

Adjustments will be made to the performance of Beauty and the Beast on Thursday 4 January at 5pm, to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere for people with autism and their families.

  • Auditorium lighting will not fully go out.
  • Strobe lighting and lights that shine on the audience will not be used.
  • Sound levels will be reduced.
  • Some special effects like flashes and bangs, will be cut.
  • The theatre’s foyer will have designated quiet and activity areas, should anyone wish to leave their seats during the performance.


A booking fee is added to tickets bought online. You are being diverted to, who sell an allocation of tickets for Brunton Theatre Trust. More tickets are available directly from The Brunton box office on 0131 665 2240. Please note: not all concession ticket types are available via Hub Tickets. For example, if you wish to buy a family or group ticket or book a wheelchair space, you should contact us directly.

Cost: See above

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