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Local Hero (PG)
Local Hero (PG)
Wednesday 24 November 7.30pm

Part of the Saltire Festival.
  • Saltire Festival
  • Bill Forsyth's heartwarming comedy deals with materialistic American corporate execute Mac (Peter Riegert), who travels to the small Scottish town of Ferness to negotiate buying land to allow the construction of an oil refinery. Mac's best efforts are trumped by a local beachcomber (Fulton Mackay) who refuses to budge. Local Hero ingeniously examines how a small Scottish community is bound together by its shared experience in one of the funniest culture-clash comedies in cinema history.

    Running time: 1 hour 51 mins
    Cert: PG - Contains implied strong language, moderate sex references.
    Cast: Peter Riegert, Burt Lancaster, Fulton Mackay, Denis Lawson, Peter Capaldi.
    Director: Bill Forsyth

    Tickets: £8 (£7)
    50p discount for Friends of The Brunton

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