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The Barbara Dickson Full Band Show
The Barbara Dickson Full Band Show
Barbara Dickson performs with her band, part of the Saltire Festival.
Having started her career in the folk clubs in Scotland, Barbara recorded numerous hit songs including Answer Me, Caravan Song and January, February and I Know Him So Well, a duet sung with Elaine Paige, which became a huge worldwide and UK hit. In addition she won many awards for her acting where she took leading roles in John, Paul, George, Ringo...and Bert, Spend, Spend, Spend as well as on TV in Taggart and The Two Ronnies.

Billy Connolly said “I love Barbara Dickson. From the very first time I heard her, her voice just nailed me to the wall!   Her voice has that kind of smoothness…she’s just a one-off”.

The concert will open with support from Edwina Hayes, a Yorkshire based singer-songwriter described by Nanci Griffith as "The sweetest voice in England".


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