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Yesterday (12A)
Yesterday (12A)
British jukebox musical romantic comedy film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Richard Curtis.

What if The Beatles had never existed... and only you knew their songs? Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is a jobbing singer-songwriter whose dreams of stardom are circling the plughole. Despite the devoted support of his childhood friend Ellie (Lily James), he's at the end of his tether. Then, after a strange bus accident during a global blackout, he awakens to find that 'The Fab Four' have been seemingly erased from history - with every song of theirs he plays met with awe and wonder from friends, family, and eventually the worldwide viewing audience...
Danny Boyle's big-hearted fantasy is a celebration of music, commitment and the fact that when all's said and done - all you need is love.

Director: Danny Boyle
Cast: Himesh Patel, Lily James, Kate McKinnon, Ana de Armas, Ed Sheeran, Lamorne Morris.
Running time: 1 hour 52 minutes

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